Monday, August 22, 2011

My Hungry Catepillar

I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since my little angel was born. She was such a surprise and I am so grateful to God that she is in my life. She has this laugh that makes everyone smile; she is so cheerful and spirited. She has grown so much and come so far in just two years. A year ago today she was just playing with other kids and wanting to be around others and playing with blocks. Now she is so in love with babies and I can tell that she is going to make a great mommy someday. She rocks them, pats their back, puts them down for naps and feeds them all day every day, there is never a time that she leaves the house and doesn’t have a baby. She is learning so much and talking so well. She admires her older brother Kaleb and follows him around the house wanting to play. They do get along and he is a very good big brother to her.

This year the theme for her party was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the reason I chose that was because she is always wanting a snack and eating everyone else’s food. I made her invitations, which was so much fun. I used all the food from the book, made cupcake ice cream cones and even miniature cherry pies! I made a caterpillar cupcake cake that turned out super cute. We did some arts and crafts and played the morning away.

I am so grateful for her and thankful every day. I pray that I will know her better and that the Lord will show me how to guide her in His way. I pray that she will have a passion for the Lord as the deer pants for the water (Psalm 42:1). May her heart be filled with Him!

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  1. Where are the pics!?! I want to see how sweet her party was!